Monday, March 05, 2007

The Red Tram

Just a very red tram. I so happened to be waiting for my own public transporation when this red tram passed by. A slick and clever advertising for Maltesers. Something red and funny for the start of the week.

By the way, do you have Maltesers in your city/ country?
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kalyan said...

The tram really interests me. It is wonderful to know the tram runs in your city and the design also. In India it is existent only in calcutta, which I will be posting some time.

lynn said...

Yes indeed in the UK. One of my favourites!

Keropok Man said...

Yes, we have Maltesers in Singapore too.

But I have not had any for a long time.

Mountainboy said...

Maltesers always struck me as a waste!
Not enough chocolate! I want density in my chocolate not air! ;)
Nice tram though! Are your trams always red or only Malteser trams/

Maldoror said...

Good shot with good expo time for details