Monday, March 19, 2007

Halles St. Gery

This week I will take you through an exhibit at the Halles St. Gery in down town Brussels. A wonderful building, the Halles St. Gery were built in 1881 and used as market warehouses. However in 1977 they had to be closed down.

Only recently did the Halles St. Gery undergo restructuring and the building has been classified (protected by Belgian law against any demolition, change etc) since 1987.

If in Brussels drop by the Halles St. Gery, not only for their beauty (and the beer bar down stairs) but also for the temporary exhibitions on show. Which is what I will share with you this week. The 'Vous Etes Ici' expo.

PS: for those of you wondering about the mystery people of yesterday, Frank left a very informative comment. Thank you, Frank.
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maarten said...

Hey, that's nice to see the inside now

Riki said...

Very nice colored shot. Red color is in very good contrast with other colors.Thanx for look