Sunday, March 11, 2007

Florian cherche Mayra

Florian cherche Mayra - Florian is looking for Mayra. Not exactly the usual 'l'art prend le metro' post of Sunday, but art nevertheless. I came across this flier last week and somewhere, it touched the teenager in me.

Florian (a Belgian?) recently met Mayra. Mayra is leaving for Argentina. Florian would like to see her once more before. We (the passersby) are supposed to let her know that if we see her.

Anyone know how the story ends?
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maarten said...

how romantic...

Kalyan said...

A wonderfully captured shot!

Kim said...

Ah, who can resist such a romantic mystery. We must know how it ends, so if you find out, be sure to post it!

Kim said...

PS, lovely reflection shot, too!