Thursday, March 22, 2007

From Brussels with Love

The purpose of the stamps yesterday was to create personalized post cards, and then hang them as shown. So after some artistic (failed) attempts of creating something clever, it dawned on me: would it not be great to say to you all a big 'HELLO'.

From Brussels with love, I thank you for dropping by daily. For taking a look. For discovering Brussels with me.

At the moment, I have about 100 visitors a day (thank you Statcounter). So would it not be great if you could all say HELLO today to the world through the comments below. Yes, I think it would be!
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Mike said...


Don't count on statcounter, I mostly read your blog through my feed reader!

jules said...

Hello from Southeast Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the eastern part of Finland!
I have spent a few wonderful days in Brussels.

maarten said...

hello from

Nevele, Belgium!

jonemo said...

Hello from London (with love). Now you said it I found the dailycityphoto section in your right column. It's really busy there, thats why I missed it last time ;)