Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Arret du Tram

In the mini series of signs, I came across this one: Arret du Tram/ Tramhalte. Which means 'Tram Stop'. Probably a signed used in the old days, when trams were a modern highlight to the city.

Brussels also has a wonderful Tram Museum, where you can see old trams and on the weekend, even take a ride through town on one of these trams. Very romantic I think.


Anonymous said...

That number 6023 tram in the museum looks just like those that used to run near where in live in Dayton, Ohio. Interesting post and good pictures.

kalyan said...

Nice to know about the information, in calcutta also there are few trams which were re-decorated for tourism purposes and also you can hire an entire tram for the whole day, which is very enjoyable & provides lot of entertainment.

Candice & Megan said...

I really like this vintage...It would be nice to take a tram ride through town.