Sunday, February 11, 2007

Herge 100 years

For everyone still guessing, this year marks the centenary of Herge's birth. To celebrate this important date for Belgian culture, a new cartoon was unveiled recently (10 January) at the Eurostar / Gare du Midi station in Brussels.

Appropriately this cartoon mural shows Tintin sur la locomotive (on the steam engine train) following Bobby Smiles, a gangster from Chicago. A detailed photo can be seen here. The cartoon is taken from Tintin in America (1932). The date chosen for the unveiling? The actual birth of Tintin on 10 January 1929.

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don said...

I like Tin Tin ( kuifje in dutch). I thought that Joost Swarte (Dutch graphic designer) made a museum for Herge in Belgium, am i wright?

John said...

Love the Tintin books, I still have my collection and read one every so often.