Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brussels Photo: Wednesday, 18 October 2006

I usually save these photos of cartoon walls for the Sunday ... but I'll make an exception for today. Another one of the famous cartoon walls, this time a mural of Quick & Flupke by Herge (the famous creator of Tintin).

The story of Quick & Flupke is based around two kids in Brussels, causing nothing but problems to their parents and the police. Only two of the cartoon books were translated into English, namel 'Double Trouble' and 'Two of a Kind'.

Other cartoon murals on Brussels Daily Photo, which I know many of you liked, were: Brousialle, Le Chat, Tintin, Monsiuer Jean, the Jeune Albert, the Feather Girl, El Scorpio, secret agent Victor Sackville and most recently Le Passage.

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Anonymous said...

J'adorais 'Quick & Flupke', je les lisais enfant en même temps que Bibi Fricotin et les pieds nickeles

Anonymous said...

it add colours to the neighbourhood. Nice!

Kate said...

I LOVE all of them. You label them "cartoon art" which is accurate but I also think of them as street art which we have in our town, also, but not a series such as yours. So much fun. Please don't stop posting them!

Mountainboy said...

What a great way to liven up a large wall.

Anonymous said...

Ah Quick et Flupke, bien sur, j'ai lu ca quand j'etais petite!