Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday, 11 June 2006

In the long standing tradition of Brussels 'cartoon walls' (and when I am lucky enough to come across another one) let me introduce ... El Scorpio!

Also a warm welcome to a (fellow) Belgian, online at Milano DP.


Frederik De Wachter said...

goodmorning andrea... from your name it seems you're italian.
I do not know if you speak dutch so i'll write you in english.
Thank you for mentioning my blog.
I found out today that there already exist a MilanDailyPhoto...
So I think I'll have to do my best to compete!
Next week I'll be in Brussels for some days so may'be I'll post some pictures of there instead form Milano.
Keep in touch.

luggi said...

I really like these cartoon murals.

Charles said...

Toujours sympa ici
Bonne soirée et bonne semaine de photos


Nerissa said...

Tell me about El Scorpio... is he a pirate?

Andreea said...

Frederik, welcome to the ever expanding DP family.
Luggi, there will be more to come :)
Charles, very interesting to find out about other Bxl photo blogs.
NErissa, I assume he is a pirate. Don't know more about him, but will try to find out.

Anonymous said...

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