Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fragments de memoirs ... continues

L'art prend le metro - art takes the tube. The artist Jephan de Villiers. The tube station: Albert.

As promised the second in the series from this particular tube station. This time imagine walking on glass. Along the walls of this tube station, a glass box has been built and in it, the fragments de memoires - memory fragments - as the artist imagined them. Quite interesting and I have to admit a very unusual feeling to walk on ... air?

Previously in the series of l'art prend le metro:
Eddy Merckx tube station.
Coovi tube station.
Heysel tube station.
Horta tube station. More Horta.
Porte de Hall tube station.

Overall, posting will be a little patchy as I am off to London for work! See you next week.


Dsole said...

that's cool!!

But I mean.. saturday?? ¬¬ hehe, don't work too much in London, enjoy the weekend as much as possible!

denton said...

Enjoy your trip to London.

denton said...

Enjoy your trip to London.

Anonymous said...

buna ziua...din cate am citit sunteti in Londra :) ? cum e vremea pe acolo in afara de ceata:P