Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upside Down World

Looking at the world upside down. This photo comes after a special request from a reader, who pointed me in the direction of the upside down flying man. I understand this photo will be saved on a desktop in Brussels - so I hope it fulfills the expectations.

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pusa said...

nice shot looking upside down

Nayel said...

What is that?

Ben said...

What does it mean?
I can not see bungee code on his leg.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andreaa, Thank you very much!!! I saw this morning that the sign was fixed up again with 2 brand new screws, to my huge disappointment. I had not checked your blog in a week, so I checked it out with the idea of letting you know of my disappointment, sure you had no time to take the picture and there it is!!! Wonderful!! thank you very much! I will put it on my desktop right now and save it preciously on my hard drive.
For Nayel and Ben above, this is a 'no trespassing' sign that is commonly posted on all extremities of railway platforms in Belgium, to signal people that they are not suppposed to step down the platform, be it with the respectable purpose of reaching their destination on time, and should 'mind the gap'. Thanks again Andreaa! Have all a wonderful day. Cheers - I