Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mourning (Marronniers) Day

Not one to bring sadness to the Brussels DP but this photo had to be shown. More because of the story behind it than anything else.

For weeks I lived the passionate story of the Uccle chestnut trees. Seems a rather harsh tree plague attacked (some of) the chestnuts on Ave. Winston Churchill, so they had to be cut down.

The number of chestnuts on the 'black list' goes up to 310 which of course enraged the 'chestnut protectors'. In the end however some of the chestnuts went so we had crosses and flowers all along the avenue. Sad and somehow surreal at the same time.

What does RIP stand for?
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Anonymous said...

rest in peace

Mike said...

One of the other reasons, according to the people living in Churchill, is that the main reason for cutting the trees is the arrival of new and wider trams...
Something the MIVB/STIB doesn't acknowledge.
What was weird is that the people waited with protesting until several months after the initial announcment, and that échevain E. Sax deletes all critical comments on his "blog"

Martel said...

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Abraham Lincoln said...

It is very sad that something has to be cut down because it might get or has a disease. I always feel sorry for trees because they are rooted in place and it seems like no matter how elderly they are, the chain saw still bites deep.

I like the photograph.

Abraham Lincoln
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John said...


RIP stands for Rest In Peace. It is often found written on grave stones. I am not sure where the term originated from.

I love your pictures, particularly the one of 12 May. What does bitte and danke mean?