Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bitte - Danke

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Dsole said...

interesting & funny!! ;)

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Where did you see it?

Mandy said...

From the city of the "pissoir" [if that is correct -- if not, apologies, but you'll know to what I refer] this sign does not surprise me.

Emily Lin said...

Interesing sign.. it makes me smile :)

Jilly said...

This is so funny. Well I'm not a man but is it easy for a man to pee this way? I'd not think it particularly natural?

anu said...

please and thank you. im glad ive learnt some German, so I can understand these signs. I've seen posters with such signs.
Nice and unusual snap.

April said...

Oh yes - oh no ;-)))

Abraham Lincoln said...

It is easy, Jilly, and the leftovers are not left over.

I have celebrated this day, Mother's Day in my country, with a magazine cover for my wife. I hope you can see it.

Lavenderlady said...

I loved Abraham's comment. simply put.

Andreea said...

thanks all for the comments. where did i see it? simply put: on the inside of a toilet seat. very hard to miss :)

AinZ said...

OMG--that's absolutely hilarious--and very blunt, not to mention graphic.... where was it--in a mall, restaurant, airport?

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