Friday, May 11, 2007

European Flags

The last in the European series, the European flags outside the European Parliament. And as it's Friday, no more lessons.

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Anonymous said...

>Dear Andreaa,
There is a beautiful spot for a photo: the platform 1 of the SNCB side of Bockstael station. WHen you come on the station on the far right, there is a 'no trespassing' pictogram of a black silhouette, arms spread whide'. only the wind(?) unhooked the top nail of the board, turning it upside down, making the silhouette look like someone flying. If you take that picture and publish it, I will set in on my desktop in the office! Will you please take it for me?
Thanks. Cheers, 'I'
PS: thanks for your site, updated, I am just glad it exists and is updated daily. thank you , thank you, thank you

Andreea said...

oh god what a task :) - i will try to see if i manage to get there (to be perfectly honest i don't even know where this station is, or i know it, but not by name) - but anyway, i'm up for a challenge so will tyr my best. watch this space :)

The Salems said...

Fridays Flag days ...... need a National Flag Day holiday make it Friday with a long weekend ..

NDS said...

Modern Parliament Building, very cool looking.

riniroo said...

Yeah, no homework on Friday! But this is my first time here so I guess I'm behind in my studies, I promise to go catch up.

Have a great day!

Check out my "flip" on CDP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andreaa. Bockstael station is on the metro 1 station where the end station is 'Roi Baudoin', close to the Atomium. Thank you. I will be watching this space! :)