Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thyl Ulenspiegel

I sometimes think what do tourists think of when they hear Brussels? When you look for a city trip do you think 'I really have to go to Brussels'? I wonder.

Here a part of old Brussels, something I find defines Brussels. Parks, lakes, and statues. A quiet city which hides a lot of surprises. This particular statue is celebrating Charles de Coster the author of Thyl Ulenspiegel. The statue was built in 1894 by Charels Samuel on the Place Saint Croix and it portrays a tired looking Thyl and his friend Nele, ready for more adventures.

At the bottom of the statue, under the feet of Thyl and Nele, is the city of Damme, where Thyl Ulenspiegl comes from. Above them a small portrait of Charles de Coster. At the top of the statue an arrangement of animals/ objects reflect the name of Thyl Ulenspiegel - the owl (uil) looking in a (spiegel), a play on words uil en spiegel.
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Anonymous said...

bad surprises most of the time !


Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love this photo. The statues are absolutely beautiful.

Where was this taken?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment Carmen!

Anonymous said...

Sorry... that was meant for the 'bad surprises' comment author.
I'll stop here... this is hardly the place for this. Sorry Andreaa.

Aigars Bruvelis said...

That's lovley couple. I can see that they've been tofether for a while:):):)