Friday, June 08, 2007

The Atomium

A landmark in Brussels, the Atomium. Built for the World Fair in 1958, the Atomium stands grand at the Heyzel (an area situated a little outside Brussels). Half sculpture, half architecture the Atomium has always impressed. Standing 102m high the Atomium was never intended to survive the Expo 58 yet here it is still today in all its glory. Definitely worth a visit.

(I will most likely post another photo of a better quality as I am not entirely happy with this one!)


Strangetastes said...

I loved the Atomium! It is a fascinating and strange structure. It is a model of an iron atom, if I recall correctly. My wife and I happened to visit it about three years ago on the last day it was open before a complete restoration. Is it open again now?


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Anonymous said...

Nice photograph of something I never saw before.

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Tara said...

I have always wanted to visit the Atomium! Hopefully I will get a chance in the near future. Thanks for the picture!