Friday, November 24, 2006

Brussels Photo: Friday, 24 November 2006

L'art prend le metro - art takes the tube. The artist Francoise Schein. The tube station: Parvis de Saint Gilles.

I posted on underground Brussels (so to speak) before. Here another take along the subway/tube of Brussels. The message of the art you see above: imaginary borders of all the European countries, as well as the entire text of the Human Rights Declaration (the white letters).

Previously in the series of l'art prend le metro:
Eddy Merckx tube station.
Coovi tube station.
Heysel tube station.

Btw, not many got the answer for yesterday's post, so just for info it was Italy / Sicily/ Palermo and that's what you get: a LOT of scooters.
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Mike said...

I understand the confusion about the naming...
Subway is used in the States (here it's an underground passage for pedestrians, like you have under av. Louise near the Conrad).
Tube is used in the UK.

We call it the metro ;-)

It's all very confusing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Andreea,

Welcome back! I see that you were in Italy but didn't have a change to check this out. . .hope you had fun!

Anonymous said...

so strange view for me. whats that in the photo?? some drawing about wave??


Anonymous said...

Oh, at first I thought that you were in Athens but the scooter drivers here NEVER wear a helmet.

Great blog you got there. Keep posting beautiful photos.

Lisi said...

that line looks like those on stock market charts :-)

Marieta said...

I also thought it had something to do with the stock market!

Papp G├ęza said...

There is a similar text tiles artwork in Budapest, at the Deak Ter station of the M3 line (the blue line). That one was done in 1996 by a Portugese artist called Joao Vieira, but the text is a real puzzle, not very easy to read. On one side, you find Portugese poems translated to Hungarian, on the other side, Hungarian poems translated to Portugese. I'm just trying to figure out these poems... 7788fido (at)