Monday, November 20, 2006

Brussels Photo: Monday, 20 November 2006

Whilst I am abroad I will show you a glimpse of Ghent (Gent or Gand), a fantastic city in Belgium. This photo shows the Graslei, one of the most scenic parts of Ghent.

Denton is keeping the Brussels DP going. Drop by Greenville to say hello. This photo is also for Vicki's visitors who might be tempted to come and visit Belgium :)
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Anonymous said...

tres belle vue, les maisons sont tres belles.

very beautiful sight, the houses are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

oh how pretty!

Lavender Lady said...

it is a beautiful photo. it reminds me of when we visited Denton when he lived there very long ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andreea, what a gorgeous photo. I will redirect my visitors your way. . .you make Belgium look so beautiful.
Have a nice holiday.


ruth said...

Very charming waterfront buildings.

Curly said...

This is one of the best pictures you have ever brought to us. The architecture is fabulous too!

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