Friday, October 27, 2006

Brussels Photo: Friday, 27 October 2006

I hoped the rains from Rotterdam will avoid Brussels ... but I have to face reality, and embrace the months of rain to come. What better way then to spend a rainy day/ evening than DVD's and a good, hot cup of tea?
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Vicki said...

I agree!!

Neorelix said...

I'm tempted to emigrate, to follow the sun :)

Kate said...

DVD's yes, tea? Hmmm. I prefer coffee. What is it about tea that captivates so many people?

Colleen said...

Oh what's not to love about months of rain? ;)

Kim said...

We spent the evening just the same way, cheap dinner out, then home for tea and a film I would HIGHLY recommend. Our teen picked it as she's trying to understand the HIV/AIDs devistation of African nations. It's in Zulu (or Spanish) with subtitles in several languages. The camera work in the film was amazingly STUNNING. Anyone who loves photography would appreciate it. It's called "Yesterday" and was filmed in South Africa. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 2004.

Thanks for your kind comment at Seattle Daily Photo today. Cheers!