Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Drive in Movies

If the weather would be sunny as well, then the Drive In Movies idea would be a success. Back to the 50's: popcorn, car, movie. A romantic evening out. Well ... not this (rainy) year. Maybe next year?

Do you have something similar in your city?


• Eliane • said...

Where is it? At the Cinquentenaire?

Well, I know they had something like that during the Tribeca Film Festival (May or June?) and this summer too. But really, cars and New Yorkers? Not a good mix. We take the subway everywhere.

SCS said...

Ora pois não, não tenho!

Não é nada que não possa falar ao Presidente da Junta.
Acredito que arranjaríamos terreno,
o problema seria esse tamanho investimento!

Estimo continuação de um bom serão,
Vira Vento.