Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chocolate ... Fountain?

Do you think of chocolate when you think of Brussels?


Paola said...

You better believe it! It's the first thing that comes to my mind!


alienlover said...

yeeeeeeees i do!!!! thats why next week i'll spend all my budget to Godiva, Grand place chocolatiers, and cote d'or chocos for everyday use :D
i've found 2 more choco fountains in Grad Place, and i almost fainted when i tasted this mouth-watering chocolate.
pure orgasm :D

• Eliane • said...

Of course!!! I would, however, not recommend Godiva. One of the worst places for real chocolate lovers (sorry allienlover, I know it is very popular in the States but it just is not as good as the rest - very industrial). I would recommend Marcolini, Wittamer, Mary, and even Neuhaus, Léonidas and Côte d'Or (in the non-artisanal range).
The chocolate fountain is something I have never seen in Belgium befor either. Very American. they have them at weddings and parties.

Today, I had some Côte d'Or bought at Zabar's on Broadway - shared the love with the rest of the office. See how we promote Belgian chocolates here? They love it!

alienlover said...

eliane, hehe, thnx for the recommendation :)
Leonidas and Cote d'or are very good for every day use, but i wanter something more artistic and for special cases..
Neuhaus is not my cup of tea though..
When in Brussels, i will search for the chocos you suggest and will let you know after i try them :)
Thnx again!!

phlegmfatale said...

Absolutely. The first thing my friends took me to see on my first trip to Brussels was Godiva chocolate. Then we went for beer at the Grande Place. Walking into Godiva or Neuhaus in Dallas smells like heaven to me.

Andreea said...

ahhh, everyone loves chocolate!