Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Papeterie Legrand

In the series of grand signs around Brussels, I came across this one: Papeterie Legrand. the Legrand stationary shop. In italics you can read they are promoting the excellence of style.
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Kerry-Anne said...

Ooh, I love stationery shops! Did you go inside?

Anonymous said...

A sign that is disappearing everywhere in the world. Many years ago, this sign would have had a quill feather there to represent the goods inside the shop, then a dip pen and finally the fountain pen. The future for stationery shops "could" have been the typewriter but it never happened. Nowadays it would be the laptop computer but it isn't going to happen. There is a market for pricey fountain pens and 100% cotton content paper and Fahrneys in Washington, D.C. still sells fountain pens that cost over $3,000.00 US Dollars. Imagine that? I used to sell fountains pens, quill pens, and paper to people all over the world, including Brussels.

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Chris & Deb said...

In this age of email and instant-messaging, elegant stationary shops are on the Endangered list.
Beautiful sign.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

They promote the excellence of the (fountain) pen!