Sunday, January 07, 2007

Martial Art Girl

I am not sure if the graffiti Sunday will transfer to 2007 as well, but I came across this little girl (?) on a wall and thought it was pretty cute. Although I have to admit that chaotic graffiti left and right is probably not always the best.

What do you think of graffiti - is it art, not? I would love to read your opinions.

Thank you to Denton from Greenville DP who is helping the Brussels DP while I am abroad.
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MKWM said...

Undoubtedly, it is art, high art indeed. Have a look at this!

But graffiti can also be vandalism and I hate seeing tags in the metro, on people's houses, etc. I'd rather see that kind of messages on the Man with balloon - see Friday's post.

Kris said...

thin line between art and vandalism. I must admit I enjoy graffiti if done at the proper place

James said...

I've really enjoyed graffiti sunday, please don't kill it. the aikido girl is one of the better ones.

woman wandering said...

I've been enjoying the graffiti found here in Antwerpen. There's a park space for them and then there's one prolific tagger who seems who have done the highway between here and Brussels.

I was in Spain over Christmas and was disappointed not only by the quality of the graffiti but the fact that the kids were defacing old buildings with their stuff.

Somehow, good graffiti, seems to enhance many 'targets' I've noted and photographed around Belgie.

AinZ said...

Hey! that's Little Lucy! She's from Berlin and I believe the artist is El Bocho. If you do a search for Little Lucy or El Bocho on flickr, you'll find many more pictures of her. I love the way she seems all sweet and innocent on the surface, but she actually has a dark side (you'll see more of that in the other pictures). Very cool that she is 'traveling' to other cities now. I hope she comes to Zurich! I'm just starting a Zurich DP, and plan to post some pics of graffiti as well.