Friday, January 05, 2007

Man with Balloon

I came across this strange plastic man with a balloon last year, down town Brussels. Not sure if he still is there. But I do wonder what he stands for and if this was an art project, what does it mean?

Better yet, what does it mean to you?
Thank you to Denton from Greenville DP who is helping the Brussels DP while I am abroad.
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MKWM said...

I saw L'homme-bulle last year too (12/2006).

There should be one in every neighbourhood I think, this would be a way to express ourselves and hopefully, to get rid of those ugly tags on the walls.

Yes, I read most of what was written in the bulle and felt like writing something myself but I was wondering whether I was allowed to leave a tag on such an original piece of art. If only I knew what exactly it stood for at the time, I would have left my mark on it!