Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brussels Photo: Tuesday, 5 December 2006

I came across these artists whilst strolling through down town. There is something both fascinating and sinister about this Vincent Van Gogh duo, don't you think? Down town Brussels you find a lot of impersonators.
I also left them my card so I wonder if they'll drop by ... if so, let me know :)
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Anonymous said...

superbe ces statues, bel hommage a Van Gogh.

superb these statues, beautiful homage has Van Gogh.

Anonymous said...

after enlarged the photo, so nice sculpture...??(am i right?)

shanghai daily photo

Lisi said...

look very much alike real statues...the one seated seems to have a wound around the ear or is that my imagination?

Anonymous said...

See more information on Travel Magazine here.

Anonymous said...

TWO Van Goghs does seem rather....errr, excessive? At least they'd have one good pair of ears between them.

Johannes said...

Remember passing there almost every day when i still lived in that city, and, to be honest i found them quite annoying… all the japanese tourists who were already crowding in front of the manneken pis took a photo there, so there was a big embouteillage everytime. Shocked to see that now they have moved to the center of the street…

Anonymous said...

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