Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday, 21 July 2006

Pick from the archives no.1: still very valid in the month of July, the winter sales/ summer sales are very popular in Brussels. I know I am broke twice a year.

Picture from 5 January 2006.

Thanks to Denton from Greenville DP for pushing the buttons.

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Mike said...

That is because sales are regulated and you have to wait... In other parts of the world, shops go through their stocks at a much higher frequency, and you can spread your immense shopping bills around the calendar year!
I went shopping last year, and I must say I was glad that those lovely shoes at Strelli's were not available in my size, or I would've been broke!

Grant F said...

this can't be a brussels window?? where's the dutch!?

Mike said...


with a bit of luck, at the left hand side of the window