Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brussels Photo: Thursday, 17 August 2006

I mentioned the architecture in Antwerp. Here a (rainy) photo of the Groenplaats, the most popular square in Antwerp. A large part of the Groenplaats used to be a parking lot, however this was transfered underground and now the Groenplaats is one of the most popular hang outs in Antwerp. That is, when it does not rain!

Overlooking the Groenplaats is the Our Lady's Cathedral, dating back to 1352. 169 years of building and 123 meters high, the Cathedral was the largest Gothic construction in the (then) Netherlands. Rubens paintings can be admired inside.

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Neorelix said...

The buildings have such charm - rich, historic and individual architecture. Nice.

Jazzy said...

I agree the buildings are so charming. Like the shot very much.
Thanx for stopping by at my DP.

Susan said...

The buildings are lovely. I really like the window boxes with the flowers. I can just imagine it bustling with people when the rain isn't scaring them away.